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The science behind Crystal Clear Glass & Mirror Cleaner

Product Development

We constantly look to develop and improve our products. Our most recent change to the Crystal Clear formula was an improvement consisting of actually removing an ingredient and a feature. The old formulation had an ingredient which stayed on the window as a protective film to help prevent grime sticking to the window in the first place. However we found that it made it much harder to achieve a smear free finish and it behaved strangely under certain climatic conditions. Taking that onboard we redeveloped it.

How does this formula work?

Crystal Clear is a unique alcohol-free formulation that flashes off quickly. It is important for a glass cleaner to evaporates quickly as this reduces the chance of leaving water spots behind. Being alcohol-free is also important as alcohol can be too aggressive and damage after-market window tints.

The cleaning action is achieved through the use of surfactants (compounds that lower the tension between substances, and therefore acts like a detergent). Window glass is often thought of as being a “flat” surface but in reality they have microscopic peaks and troughs all over the surface. When dirt, insects or bird lime hit the window they “fill” the troughs, which explains why simply using the windscreen wipers does not always remove the contaminant. The surfactants sprayed onto the window “loosen” the grime from the troughs as the tension between them is decreased, which allows the microfibre or glass cloths to lift the grime away within their fibers.

That all important streak free finish is achieved by using a quick flash base, smear free surfactants and the right cloths. Avoid using in direct sunlight, spray directly onto the surface, and ensure you work quickly to buff off for the most dazzling and professional finish.

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