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About Us

At Greased Lightning, we believe that cleaning your vehicle shouldn’t be difficult. 

Shampoo, pressure washers, wax on, wax off, water and mess everywhere – that’s too much hassle for us.

Yes, we love our cars but we’re not into spending all day on Sunday “detailing our cars.” We’ve got kids, pets, hobbies … things we’d rather be doing instead of cleaning our cars.

There are plenty of great British brands that make products that cater for the car cleaning enthusiasts.

But, we’d rather make products for people like us - people that want to look after their car but don’t want to spend hours and hours doing it.

So that’s what we do  - we try to make products that are quick and easy to use, give great results and are different from those typically found in the shops.

We’re all busy, just like you. So we want maximum results for minimum effort.

Our aim is to make a “chore a pleasure.”

Take our first product, Showroom Shine - a way of cleaning your car without water. Just spray on, wipe the dirt away, buff to a long lasting shine. 

We’ve sold over one million bottles in the UK in the last few years. We’ve over 1,700 independent 5 star reviews and over 20,000 followers on Facebook.

Why do people love Showroom Shine? 'cos it’s fast, easy, gives a great finish considering the effort required. You can clean and shine your car in the time it normally takes to drive to the nearest car wash…. 

But surely, it scratches your car? You have to use water right? Nope. That’s what the household car cleaning brands want you to believe, so they can sell you lots of different products.

All you need to do is look towards the hot and sunny parts of the world where water is in short supply - Florida, Australia, Dubai, South Africa and so on  - waterless wash and wax is how they clean their vehicles.

And in the last 3 years, 5 traditional car care manufacturers in the UK have copied our formula and launched their own version of Showroom Shine, with £million advertising campaigns, so there must be something we’re doing right….

Showroom Shine is not for everyone, there will always be naysayers and people who like to use water, pressure washers, snow foam, wax polishes and so on. That’s cool with us - we agree you’ll get a better finish using these methods and lots of specialist products but considering the effort and time it takes to clean and shine your vehicle with Showroom Shine, and the finish you can achieve, Showroom Shine is a real alternative.

It’s being used to clean Aston Martins, Ferrari’s, and expensive classic cars; used by limo drivers, wedding car drivers, dealerships and even by top flight racing car teams. Many professional valeters have it in their toolkit.

So, if you're like us, time poor but want to look after your vehicles' yourself, then give Showroom Shine and all of our products a go and make up your own mind.  

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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