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About Us

At Greased Lightning, we believe that cleaning your vehicle shouldn’t be difficult

We all live busy, hectic lives and juggle our work, our family and various other commitments - it’s sometimes hard to find a free afternoon to get outside and wash, polish and clean our cars. It’s more fun being out with the kids on adventures or spending time on our favourite hobbies.

At Greased Lightning, we believe that cleaning your car, motorbike, caravan or boat shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming. You want to get showroom results without any of the drama and mess that you know happens when you start washing the car.

Yes, you know what I am talking about don’t you? An array of half-used bottles of shampoos and waxes, getting the pressure washer out from the back of the garage or shed, water and bubbles spraying everywhere – that’s too much hassle for us.

Our goal is to provide you with the best car cleaning products that are easy to use and give you a quality finish on your car.

Tried and tested with over 2,500 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, Greased Lightning has
a full and unbeatable range of car cleaning range products for you to try out.

Highly rated by customers our products are not just used on cars, but also motorbikes, mountain bikes, caravans and throughout the home.

Our background
We brought Showroom Shine to the market years ago as the first and the original waterless wash and wax. So popular, it’s still our no 1 bestseller today! It sounds like a gimmick, but you really can wash your car in under 30 minutes without water!

With various lookalikes products on the market now, why is Showroom Shine so

One bottle of Showroom Shine:

  • cleans your family car an average of 10 times
  • saves you water - 2,000 litres in fact!
  • saves you money - £70 on trips to the car wash back in your pocket
  • cleans without water and on the go

The formulation lubricates dirt particles and lifts them away from the surface where they get trapped in the microfibre cloth and away from the surface of your car.

Showroom Shine also protects your paintwork the more you use it, so dirt and grime are far easier to remove. You don’t need access to a driveway or outside tap and if you keep a bottle in your boot, you can quickly clean off dirt whilst out and about.

Over the years our collection has grown, providing more cleaning solutions to help care for your car with amazing results!

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