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Staff favourites - Jason

Jason - Favourite Product

Today we’re going to hear from Jason, a key member of the Greased Lightning sales team. This is the response we got when we asked him the very important question:

What is your favourite Greased Lightning product?

“I’ve been thinking but it is difficult as I do like a few pretty equally. I also didn’t want to pick the obvious one, because we all love Showroom Shine. So. I’m going to go with a surprising one!

*** Bug Buster ***

Bug Buster is my favourite Greased Lightning Product to use on my vehicle. It’s a hidden gem amongst our product range and does a lot more than what it says on the tin.

After using Showroom Shine to clean the whole car, I use Bug Buster for the finishing touches. It will take away any unwanted bugs, tree sap and other big bits of dirt left on the vehicle. It’s so simple to use. You literally spray it on, leave it for a minute to help decompose the stain and then wipe away. It has a fresh scent and it’s not sticky.

The other way I like to use Bug Buster is to spray the windscreen before or after a journey. Leave Bug Buster to soak for a minute then use your windscreen wipers and screen wash to literally wipe away all Bug stains and dirt left on the windscreen. It works wonders using it this way! Way better than using screen wash alone. The perfect product for those who, like me do a lot of motorway driving.”

Have you tried Bug Buster? Click here to see what Jason is raving about.

Bug Buster bug and bird dropping cleaner

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Jun 11, 2021 • Written by Jim Grimwood

Showroom for me, I’ve been using it on top end BMWs since I first saw it on Ideal World donkeys years back, cannot fault the product at all. I use Bug and Tyre products and again great products 👍👍👍 Jim

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