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Spotlight on Bug Buster

As the weather warms up bugs come out of winter hiding and become more active. That’s when we start to notice them smeared on the front of our cars.

Researchers interested in the changes in insect populations actually use the number of splattered insects on cars as a measure of creepy crawly populations. By using this method, they also found that modern cars, with a more streamlined shape, are more likely to hit and kill more insects. The larger and boxier designs from previous decades push a larger amount of air up and over the front of the car, moving insects out of harm’s way. As cars have become more aerodynamic, while great for reducing fuel consumption, they are unfortunately more efficient at catching the bugs on your windscreen, windows and bonnet.

So what should you do when bugs hit?

As well as being pretty unsightly, the acids from bugs and any bird droppings can damage your paintwork. In as little as 48 hours the acids from them can burn through the clear outer coat of the paintwork. Leaving it longer can damage the paint surface all the way to the metal. All these splats and squashes can be hard to shift when cleaning your car – they can require loads of effort and still leave marks.

We believe removal should be as quick and simple as possible, with minimal elbow grease needed.

Grease Lightning’s Bug Buster is designed just for this. Simply spray directly onto stubborn stains like tree sap, bugs and marks that ordinary washing and cleaning won’t budge. Leave to soak and then simply wipe away with a clean microfibre cloth. For the best results, we recommend using our Premium Microfibre Bug Cloths which have a netted reverse to help catch the dirt and lift it away from the surface.

Available in a spray or as handy wipes for use on the go! See here for more information. 

Bug Buster cleaning car bonnet

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