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One Minute Wheels versus World-Class Wheels

One Minute Wheels versus World Class Wheels.

Our two specially formulated wheel cleaning products have plenty in common. They are both;

  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use on all wheel finishes
  • Acid-free formulations, making them safer for our customers to use
  • Powerful cleaning action

Both products help you remove stubborn dirt, grime and brake dust that gets lodges within the nooks and crannies of your wheel designs.

So what makes each of these products unique?

One Minute Wheels Wheel Cleaner


One Minute Wheels is ideal for those who want your wheel cleaning to be over as quickly as possible. This product is designed with simplicity and speed in mind.

Just spray directly onto your wheels so our special formula can get to work on the dirt. Loosen with a cloth or soft brush, wipe residue and rinse.

Clean and shiny wheels in minutes.

World-Class Wheels wheel cleaner


World-Class Wheels is designed when you want a professional deep clean and high shine finish for your wheels and alloys. Our unique colour changing formula highlights problem areas by reacting with the dirt and turning purple. This helps you spot any bits you may have missed, making sure you have an efficient and thorough deep clean.


Spray the product directly on your wheels and watch as the colour changes to purple as those dust particles are broken up and lifted away from the surface. You can use a soft brush to reach into those awkward crevices, and then rinse away.

Stubborn dirt is easily shifted, leaving your wheels and alloys looking like new

Which is the wheel winner for you? Let us know in the comments

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