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The science behind Dash Devil Dashboard Cleaner

Dash Devil Dashboard Cleaner is a gentle and effective solution to remove the dust and dirt that collects on your dashboard. Just like so many of our products, it’s simple to use. Just spray and wipe down any hard interior surfaces to remove the grime coating.

But how does it work?

We’ve previously mentioned how a lot of our products use surfactants. To remind you what that means:

A surfactant is a substance which tends to reduce the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved, between two liquids, a gas and a liquid, or between a liquid and a solid.

This is what a surfactant molecule looks like:

Surfactant Molecule

It has a water loving head, and a grease and dirt loving tail. Dash Devil contains water so that when you spray it on to a piece of trim that is dirty, the tail of the molecule sticks to the grime, and the head of the molecule remains in the water of the product. The attractive forces between the head and the water are strong enough that the dirt is lifted away from the surface. This is easily picked up with a microfibre cloth, trapping the dirt and stopping it from scratching the surfaces.

Dash Devil is fantastic because it is a surfactant-based product with these molecules. There are no silicones or solvents, meaning it can be used on sat-navs and media screens and there is no risk of leaving a sticky residue on your interiors. Instead, it is designed to give a clean, neutral finish to help maintain the colour of your interiors and keep it looking like new. A professional finish with minimal effort.

Watch Dash Devil in action:

Dash Video

Interested to give Dash Devil a try? You can purchase here.

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