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Staff favourites – Tony

Today we’re going to hear from Tony, an important team member who organises orders, logistics, sales team support and responds to all your customer queries. We asked him:

“What is your favourite Greased Lightning product?”

Okay it's really hard to choose one to be honest…I have 3 favourites.


Showroom Shine

Showroom Shine

I have been using this for 7 years now, and it’s so simple to use. It’s much easier than the traditional way of cleaning your car, and to be honest you never get a great clean at the car wash unless you pay good money.

Having a product that you can quickly grab to get your car looking tip top is amazing. And the fact that it protects the paintwork is a bonus too.

I enjoy the sense of pride you get from looking at something sparkling and thinking to myself..... “I did that”.

I use it everywhere around the house too, from door handles, kitchen tiles and my glass topped garden table.



Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

Another great product that’s so easy to use. For the best streak free windows I like to use two microfibre cloths, one to clean the window and then one to buff for the shine.



World-Cl;ass Wheel

World Class Wheels

To be honest, wheels are not a passion of mine. I always tend to clean the car bodywork and then quit at the wheels. However when I'm looking to Impress I use World Class Wheels, it shifts brake dust with ease and brings your alloys back to looking like new. I spray onto the first two wheels, start cleaning those, and once the first one looks clean, I’ll spray on to the next etc. The colour bleeding effect is so satisfying, turning purple as it starts to work its magic. As you rinse your alloys down you can straight away see they look great! Also most hard working wheel cleaners have a harsh chemical warning and are acid based, but World-Class Wheels isn't. It can do all that whilst remaining PH neutral making it so much safer to use.


We’ll forgive Tony for not being able to narrow down his choices.

Do you agree? Let us know your favourite Greased Lightning products by leaving a comment below or on our social media pages.

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Sep 17, 2021 • Written by Barry mead

I agree with Tony, 1 World of wheels 2showroom shine 3 crystal clear. Are the top three I use, followed closely with lovely leather. These products are the best on the market. With stunning results.

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