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Crystal Clear - glass & mirror cleaner


Crystal Clear - glass & mirror cleaner
Crystal Clear - glass & mirror cleaner 500ml Crystal Clear window, windscreen and mirror cleaner, for cars, caravans and household cleaning

Crystal Clear - glass & mirror cleaner


1 Litre 500ml

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Crystal Clear is a fast and easy to use powerful cleaner, that leaves windscreens, glass and mirrors with a sparkling finish. No smears or streaks and it's pink. Well...why not?

Cleans leaving a pleasant fragrance which makes your car smell fresh.

  • Cuts through grime and dust
  • Smear free finish, both inside and outside the car
  • Contains no abrasives, waxes or silicone products
  • Also, safe to use on plastic and acrylic windows

Other glass cleaners can have a strong, chemical, lingering odour but Crystal Clear has a fresh and uplifting scent.

Can be used for mirrors, glass and UPVC in conservatories, caravans and motorhomes.

We’ve also created 100% biodegradable wipes so you can have clear windows every day, simply wipe across the glass or mirror and buff to dry with a microfibre cloth.

It's easy to achieve a high-performance shine every time

It's easy to achieve a high-performance shine every time

Crystal Clear effortlessly cuts through any grime, film, spray marks from glass and mirrors. Even dried on dirt is easily removed with this cleaner.

It won’t scratch or mark and won’t leave any films or residue just a squeaky clean surface.

Also great for household cleaning

We often find products can work just as well inside the house as they do in our cars.

Crystal Clear is one product that will become a house and car staple for your cleaning cupboard. Great for bathroom mirrors, shower screens and windows for no hassle, fast action takes all the stress out of the weekly clean.
Also great for household cleaning

See Crystal Clear in action

Just used Crystal Clear on my car windows. The are now squeaky clean. Honestly it is the best product I have used, no streaks or smears. I would DEFINITELY recommend 100%.
James Ball

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