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The importance of Microfibre Cloths

A stubborn myth surrounding waterless car wash products is that you will inevitably end up with scratched paintwork on your car.


This is not the case with any Greased Lightning products, as long as the correct accessories and cleaning techniques are used.

Microfibre Cloths

The cloth used greatly affects how our products work, in particular Showroom Shine. We always highlight that it is of the utmost importance that only quality microfibre cloths are used. If the cloth you use has a rough feel to it, then it is more likely to create small scratches on the surface of your car due to the texture. High quality microfibre cloths are softer, with more fibres, which trap any dirt and grime and lift it away from the surface. Scratches are avoided, and your vehicle will have a more impressive high shine finish.

Tips for technique

  • Use one microfibre cloth for cleaning the dirt off the car, and use a fresh cloth purely for buffing and shining your car surface
  • Wipe off our products before they dry on the surface • Use the cloth in light strokes in one direction
  • When removing the dirt, avoid a circular motion, which can return dirt to areas you’ve just cleaned
  • Do not apply too much pressure, any remaining dirt could cause micro scratches
  • Avoid using dirty cloths. They are machine washable, meaning they are quickly ready for their next use
Cleaning car with Microfibre Cloth

To help you achieve an effortless clean and polish, have a look at our range of products and don’t forget to add some of our high quality microfibre cloths to your shopping cart

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Idea good, it agree with you.
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