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4 great products during lockdown

This ‘How To’ guide has been designed to help you clean and protect your car during lockdown. Using these 4 products you will give your car the professional finish it deserves with minimum effort.

Showroom Shine

Product 1: Clean and protect your bodywork

Showroom Shine waterless car wash and wax

  • Simply shake the bottle so the product is nicely mixed
  • Spray onto bodywork
  • Use a clean microfibre cloth to wipe away dirt
  • Use a different microfibre cloth to buff that section to a high shine
  • Repeat until bodywork is sparkling
Crystal Clear

Product 2: Windows and glass

Crystal Clear glass & mirror cleaner

Crystal Clear is a fast and easy to use powerful cleaner that will leave your glass and mirrors with a clear and sparkling finish.

  • Simply spray over all glass and mirrors
  • Use our premium pink glass cloths for the best results
  • Clean both exterior and interior to ensure maximum visibility
  • Has a lovely, uplifting scent leaving your car smelling fresh
  • Available as an easy-to-use spray bottle, or as soft handy wipes 
World-Class Wheels

Product 3: Wheels

World-Class Wheels premium wheel cleaner

The third product we recommend is World Class Wheels, which will provide a deep clean of your wheels and alloys. Although non-acidic and safe to use on all wheel finishes, WCW provides a high performance deep clean.

  • Spray onto wheels
  • Watch as the grime turns a bright purple colour as the dust is broken down
  • Use a brush to remove dirt from crevices
  • Rinse away to reveal shiny wheels
Brilliant Black

Product 4: Tyres and trim

Brilliant Black tyre and trim restorer

The final flourish to take your car cleaning routine to the next level is Brilliant Black Tyre Dressing. Designed to restore that ‘brand new’ look to car tyres and external trims.

  • Simply apply to tyre sponge
  • Wipe product around the tyre wall
  • Admire the deep gloss finish that compliments the rest of your shining car

It’s obvious that cleaning your car during lockdown will help to keep it looking great. However, by removing dirt build-up with the products listed above, you will also be adding layers of protection that in turn will help to protect your investment from the elements, whether that be the rain, sun, salt, bugs, tree sap, birds droppings….etc

We want to hear from you, do you have a favourite product? Maybe you’ve followed the steps above and have some pictures?

Please do share them with us either by leaving us a Trustpilot Review after purchasing from the Greased Lightning website or direct to our Customer Services team.

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