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The science behind Showroom Shine

Showroom Shine waterless car wash and wax is hands down our most popular product.


Well we assume it’s because it’s easy to use, it’s a great all-rounder and it delivers premium results with minimum effort. Showroom Shine can be used all over your vehicle so there’s no need for countless bottles of products – we’re sure this will do the trick.

But how?

Waterless car wash products are sprays with a high lubricity, meaning dirt is smoothly lifted away from the surface of your vehicle, and therefore eliminates the need for water. Showroom Shine in particular has a special formulation. It is a polymer compound made up of a combination of soaps, surfactants (compounds that lower the tension between substances, and therefore acting like a detergent), as well as lubrication agents. These work together to break down dirt.

Showroom Shine Steps to a clean car without water

1. Showroom Shine surrounds the dirt and lifts it away from the surface
2. The Microfibre cloth traps the dirt and removes it 
3. Buffing with a second cloth then activates the carnauba wax particles
4. You are left with a lovely deep shine and protective layer

After the product is sprayed on to your car, the polymers in the formulation wrap around the dirt particles and bond with them. They dissolve and encapsulate the grime. This allows the dirt to be lifted away from the surface, then transferred and trapped by the fibres in our microfibre cloths.

Showroom Shine also has carnauba wax within the product, which once the dirt has been wiped away, can be buffed using a microfibre cloth to stick the wax particles to the surface of your car. This will leave a thin film of wax, giving you that high-shine finish, whilst protecting against rain and water marks. Over time and consistent use, the carnauba wax will build up protection, making it easier to clean and protecting the surface more effectively for longer.

The combination of the waterless car wash, and the waxing components ensures you get perfect shine and an effective clean every time. It’s a quick, effective method that doesn’t require a whole bucket full of products.

Read more and grab your bottle (or bundle) of Showroom Shine today.

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