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No Hosepipe? No problem

It’s super warm and really dry as we enter a period of high temperatures across the UK. Many of us are facing the prospect of a hosepipe ban or are increasingly aware that we need to conserve water where we can.

So what about our cars, how do we keep them looking their best during a hosepipe ban?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered at Greased Lighting with many of our products requiring no or very little water. You can keep your car looking like the day it rolled off the forecourt even during extreme weather conditions like we’re experiencing this summer.

So, which Greased Lightning products will keep your car looking awesome during a hosepipe ban?

We’ve got a few, but to start with look no further than our flagship product, Showroom Shine you don’t need water, or hosepipes with our high performance waterless wash and wax. All you need is a bottle of Showroom Shine and 2 microfibre cloths to clean, shine & protect your car in 3 simple steps.  

Step 1:

Spray Showroom Shine onto the section of the car you’re cleaning

Spray Showroom Shine

Step 2:

Wipe away dirt with one of the microfibre cloth

Wipe Showroom Shine off

Step 3:

Buff in product with the second microfibre cloth to activate the wax particles and add a sparkling protective layer of shine

Buff to a finish

It’s a win win situation... not only will you be doing your bit to conserve water you’ll also have the cleanest, shiniest car in the street with the added bonus of a layer of Showroom Shine protection thrown in for good measure. By keeping your car clean and polished you are prolonging the life of your car’s bodywork, plus each bottle cleans approximately 10 cars, meaning it works out to be only £1.50 a wash, so it’s economical too.

For best results always clean your car out of direct sunshine, during heat wave conditions a great time to clean your car is early morning or in the evening to avoid the hottest parts of the day. 

We have a whole range of other car cleaning products you can also use during a hosepipe ban that will add the finishing touches to your car:  

Dirty windows and mirrors? Try Crystal Clear with one of our microfibre cloths. Or if you have a built up area of sticky sap or dried on bugs, give Bug Buster go. 

Keep your rims looking mint with One Minute Wheels which makes it quick & easy to remove stubborn dust and grime picked up from our hot tarmac roads.

For glossy tyres and trim, Brilliant Black is fantastic you only need a GL tyre sponge and a quick wipe around your tyre tread or trim to keep it looking like new.    

Dressing tyres with Brilliant Black

And let’s not forget the interior, Dash Devil and a microfibre cloth is all you need to keep it looking and smelling fresh.  

Cleaning interior with Dash Devil

Greased Lightning has a fab range of easy to use car care products that will keep your car in tip top condition even during a hosepipe ban, check them out and see what you think.


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