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Clean and Condition your Leather Seats in 5 Easy Steps

Everyone loves that new car smell, especially when you have beautiful leather seats. We have a product that will maintain the new car smell whilst keeping your seats looking like new.

We love a multi-use product, Lovely Leather is a unique 2-in-1 conditioning formula that removes grime and will not damage sensitive leather. Even better? It’s so quick and easy to use. You can clean and condition at the same time, ensuring your seats stay looking good and protected from future damage.

Simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Spray lightly onto the surface

Step 2: Wipe gently with a cloth

Step 3: Turn over cloth if it’s looking dirty and continue cleaning

Step 4: Allow to dry

Step 5: Admire your handywork. Your seats are ready to use right away

Remember, this could be any of your leather seats! These steps work for inside your car and your home. (always test on a small concealed area before full usage)

Cleaning leather seats

A recent review sums it up perfectly:

“Used this for a few years. Very good product and easy to use” – Mr Vivian

Or another review reads:

“Neglected my leather seats but this as really restored them and they really look like new” - John Catterall

Would you like to clean and preserve the condition of your leather seats whilst helping them look and smell like new? Give Lovely Leather a try today!


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