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6 ways to keep your car safe this winter

Our top tips for keeping you and your family safe on the road as the weather becomes more chilly.

1. Keep your windscreen clean and clear

Visibility can be tricky in the winter with often less than ideal weather conditions. The frosty, foggy mornings are getting closer by the day and we’re not looking forward to them.

To help improve visibility as much as possible, make sure windows and mirrors are sparkling clean. For this job we recommend our specialist windscreen cleaner, Crystal Clear.

2. Top up with antifreeze

If the water in your engine cooling system were to freeze during the cold months, you could face some very expensive repairs. To avoid this, it’s important to keep your car topped up with antifreeze. One of the many useful and protective actions it has for your car is to lower the freezing point of water making it less likely for the water to freeze in wintry conditions.

3. Keep your lights clean

With shorter days and longer nights, winter is a time when we use our lights a lot. By keeping our lights as clean as possible then we are doing our best to ensure we can see, and be seen, by others on the road. Again, Crystal Clear is your go-to for this, it helps to remove the grime layer that quickly builds up and makes our lights appear dimmer.

4. Keep your wiper blades clean and switch to winter wiper blades if needed

When you’re giving your car or your windscreen a clean, it’s always a good idea to pull back the windscreen wiper arms to give them a gentle wipe down, and around the wiper mechanism to remove any debris. This will stop grime from being smeared over your freshly cleaned screen and will mean they are better at keeping rain and snow from affecting your visibility. For more extreme weather conditions, you may want to consider changing your wiper blades to a winter model to ensure they’re sturdy enough to remove snow.

5. Keep your car germ-free

As it gets colder our immune systems are taking a beating from bugs and viruses that are doing the rounds, muddy shoes are being worn and damp paws are being tracked into the small, enclosed space in our cars. So don’t forget to keep your interiors looking and feeling fresh and disinfecting where you need to.

6. Carry the right gear

Winter essentials for the car include an ice scraper and a de-icer to make sure you can properly defrost your windscreen, as we’ve said, visibility is critical during this time of year. We also recommend keeping some sunglasses in the car to prevent the low winter sun glare. It’s always best to be prepared.

Would you add anything else to this winter essentials list?

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