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Targeting Tough Stains with Stain Shifter

Our car interiors often take a battering, particularly at this time of year. A barrage of mucky paws and wellies, the greasy remnants of car picnics, dropped drinks, and the sticky hands of our little ones are all contributing to the seemingly never-ending battle to keep our cars looking presentable.

We know how hard it can be to keep on top of that mess, and we also know that no one wants to spend ages sorting it out. There are infinitely better things to be spending our time on. As tempting as it is to let the job get on top of us, we’ve got you covered.

Our solution? - Stain Shifter

An easy-to-use cleaning product that helps lift those mucky stains out of your car interiors quickly and effectively. You won’t have to spend your weekend scrubbing the car seats for those really tough stains.

Simply spray Stain Shifter directly onto your target stain, leave to soak, then wipe away with a microfibre cloth. Blot away excess moisture if any remains.

Our Stain Shifter isn’t just for use in your car – it’s a multitasker! If dirty shoes make their way into the house, you can use Stain Shifter on your carpet, upholstery and other household fabrics (although we do recommend doing a patch test first).

An invaluable and versatile product, one of our team always had a bottle handy even though they didn’t have a car at the time, it was the best carpet stain remover they could find.

See what others have said about Stain Shifter:

“This is the best spot & stain remover I've ever used , it even takes tar spots off a light coloured carpet without lifting the colour”

“Very pleased with the products, stain remover and wheel cleaner. Have bought before and would buy again”

“Very easy to use, I quickly do my car in 30 mins every weekend and it prepares it for the elements that get thrown at it, including a lil dude who loves to finger print and make small messes”

Get yours today and always be prepared to target those tough stains.  

Stain Shifter 500ml

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