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Greased Lightning

Showroom Shine 1 litre PLUS 2 microfibre cloths


Greased Lightning Showroom Shine Waterless Wash and Wax with 2 Microfibre Cloths

Showroom Shine 1 litre PLUS 2 microfibre cloths


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Showroom Shine waterless car wash and wax formula has been created to give premium results for a high shine with minimum effort.

Wash your car without the usual drama.

  • No buckets, hoses or soaking wet clothes.
  • No wasted time pre-cleaning or packing away a host of product bottles.

All you need is Showroom Shine and two microfibre cloths…yes that really is it.

Our tried and tested unique formula uses carnauba wax for protection to keep your car looking great for longer and gives impressive results time and time again.

Each bottle cleans approximately 8-10 family cars to a high shine, getting rid of dust, dirt and tar spots, leaving a layer of protection with no streaks or smearing.

You will receive 1x 1 litre bottle of Showroom Shine PLUS 2 microfibre cloths.

Safe to use on metal, glass, plastic and paintwork. Suitable for cars, caravans, motorbikes and even boats. Showroom Shine can be used on all non–porous surfaces so you can use it on paintwork, plastic trims, chrome, glass, mirrors and alloys.

Save water, time and money yet still achieve a showroom finish

Save water, time and money yet still achieve a showroom finish

Whether you live in a house or flat and have with no access to an outside tap or don’t have room on your driveway, Showroom Shine takes the hassle out of washing your car. Using Showroom Shine will save around 2,000 litres of water and is great value versus the costs of paying to get your car washed.

Has your car got dirty on a day out or whilst holidaying with the family? No problem for Showroom Shine as it’s easy to store in the boot of your car and with a quick spray and wipe, your car is clean again.

Cleans, shine and protects all in one

The unique formulation of carnauba wax in Showroom Shine works to seek out dirt and surrounds it, lubricating and lifting it away from the surface. Wiping gently with a microfibre cloth encapsulates the dirt deep within the cloth fibres and off of your car.

Buffing the cleaned area activates the carnauba wax particles to fill any surface imperfections and bond together to create a strong invisible layer of protection with a deep shine.
Cleans, shine and protects all in one

How Showroom Shine Works

Surrounds dirt and lifts it away from surface

Microfibre cloth traps dirt and removes it

Buffing activates carnauba wax particles

Leaves a deep shine and protective layer

Over 1 million bottles sold in the UK

Watch our brief video to see why
Stunning results every time from Showroom Shine
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