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Greased Lightning

Car Magazine & Parkers Review Greased Lightning

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Greased Lightning products have just had a thorough testing from both Car Magazine and Parkers. We love that they wanted to work through our range and waited eagerly for their results.

We all agree that the reviews were complimentary and fair. Car Magazine particularly highlighted how we’re perfect for convenience seekers – after all we do say “Greased Lightning: It’s a way of life”

We think that’s spot on.

Both reviews tested a wide range of our products:

We’ve picked out some of our favourite comments on our bestselling star of the show, Showroom Shine. We knew it wouldn’t let us down. Both reviews praised how little product is required, which compared to other brands was considerably less, and therefore making us an economical and environmental choice. The reviewers were careful to assess if our waterless car wash was going to scratch the bodywork, but both testers were happy with how Showroom Shine lifts the dirt and avoids damage. Overall, they described the results as impressive.

Honda Type R

• Honda Type R - completely transformed on test.

“You can brush the bodywork with your fingertips to feel the improvement too; the Honda’s panels felt smooth and silky”

Their final verdict had us punching the air:

“Overall, we liked the Greased Lightning products because they do exactly what they’re meant to”

“You really can have a car cleaned in about 15 minutes”

We couldn’t put it better ourselves.

We were thrilled that all our tested Greased Lightning products were given a thumbs up. Do you agree with the product testers? Let us know

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