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Staff Favourites - Design Team

Today we’re going to hear from Jim, an important part of our design & marketing team, he works on a variety of design-based projects all the way from the company website to product development.

He’s the whizz behind our branding and is often the one designing and crafting our regular emails to our wonderful subscribers. We asked him:

Which GL product is your favourite and why?

“I would have to go with either Showroom Shine or Dash Devil.

Showroom Shine is our flagship product, and it’s a truly great product. The results you can achieve are second to none, making it a very strong contender...

Dash Devil

***Dash Devil***

However, I’m going to go with Dash Devil. I love driving and for me that means a fresh and clean interior with great tunes pumping.

Dash Devil is superb for interiors because it is so versatile, it can cope with most interior surfaces. It loves dashboards, air vents, steering wheels and instrument panels but it can do so much more.

A good tip is to use Dash Devil on your door sills and under the doors themselves first before you start the interior. Make sure you use a different microfibre cloth for this as the door and sill areas collect a lot more dirt than the interior.

Door Sills

With the door sills sorted, I take a clean microfibre cloth and work my way across the whole interior, dashboard, instrument panel, steering wheels, gearstick and housing, glove box, door cards, media screen (as it’s solvent free) and even my half leather seats get a quick wipe over. Mine are a faux leather fabric, made from a vinyl so it works a treat. If you have real leather seats, I recommend using Lovely Leather.

Dash Devil also has a classy natural matte finish which I prefer to some of the gloss finishes I have seen from other products, and it smells absolutely fantastic leaving my car smelling great.

So Showroom Shine is fantastic and is definitely my go to exterior product, but if you find yourself behind the wheel a fair bit then Dash Devil is a must for me.”

Give Dash Devil a try and let us know what you think.

Dash Devil

Available from £7.99


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Oct 11, 2021 • Written by James |R Howe

Comment for you on the Showroom Shine – which I have used on my cars with great effect. But it is also brilliant for Caravans & Motorhomes! I have always had it in the locker in the caravan, (and previously in the motorhome), and it excellent for cleaning all areas, removing the ‘dreaded’ black streaks and dirt build up around the numerous doors and fittings. It is a must have, and ensures numerous comments on how clean our caravan is.

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