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Five Fun Facts about Car Washes

Who doesn’t love a fun fact? We’ve been busy collating a compendium of ‘carwash’ facts and stats.

Here’s 5 facts you may not know:

1. The first carwash business was opened in 1914, in Detroit. It was called the ‘Automated Laundry’. It wasn’t automated at all it involved a good old bucket and sponge. The first semi automatic carwash didn’t come about until 1946 – also in Detroit.

2. In 1973, the oil crisis led to smaller cars being manufactured – especially the rise of the hatchback. This resulted in an unexpected problem for pre-existing car washes, as they were designed to accommodate larger cars. They lacked the flexibility they do now, so they had to be changes across the US.

3. In a recent survey about car washing habits in Britain, 26% of people said they cleaned their car every 2-3 months. Of those surveyed, 6% claimed to have never cleaned their vehicle. Looking closer it seems that Londoners had the highest percentage of people who never clean their car at all (11%).

4. The soundtrack to the 1976 film ‘Car Wash’ won a Grammy Award for ‘Best Score Soundtrack Album’ in 1977.

5. It is estimated that there are between 10,000 to 20,000 car washes across the UK, and that 304 million gallons of water are used for car washes, per day, globally.

Know any more? Let us know if you do and we can add them to our growing list.

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