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Do you know these road rules?

As it’s a new year we thought we’d make sure we were following the rules for the road for 2022 as it’s quite a long time since some of us here did our driving tests. We’ve been refreshing ourselves on some of the more obscure rules that are often forgotten about. Test yourself and see how many you know.

Test yourself and see if there are any you were unaware of.

Satnav space

Did you know it’s illegal to put a satnav, dashboard camera or mobile phone inside the area cleared by your windscreen wipers as it’s deemed to be obscuring your view. It is also illegal to use an unfixed mobile phone as a satnav.

Keep pets safe

If you are travelling with dogs, cats or other small animals it is important to ensure that they’re suitably restrained to avoid distracting the driver or causing injury to themselves or others if the car stops quickly. This could be through the use of harnesses, carriers, cages or guards. You could face fines, penalty points and driving bans if you fail to comply.


Running on empty? Screenwash that is. Make sure you keep your screenwash topped up as it is illegal to not have fluid in the vehicle’s screen washer bottle.

Remove snow from the roof of your car

We love a snowfall but did you know it’s Illegal to start your journey with snow on the roof of your car? If you brake the rooftop snow could slide down and obscure your vision and therefore endanger others. You could be charged with driving without due consideration.

If there is enough that you might brake it could slide down, this could obscure your vision and endanger others. You could be charged with driving without due consideration.

Number plate

Dodgy plates? We’re not suggesting you’ve fixed fake plates for a getaway but did you know if your number plates are incorrectly displayed you can be fined. This includes if they are obscured with thick dirt, so it’s important to keep them clean – and obviously we can help with that!

Parking at night

Take care how you park on a road at night. It must be facing against the flow of traffic, unless in a recognised parking space. This means that in the dark, passing vehicles will be able to see the parked cars as the moving car headlights will reflect off the parked car headlights, preventing accidents. Facing the wrong way in unlit roads would be more difficult to see.

So how many of these were you aware of? We’d love to know if you know of any fascinating road rules that you’ve experienced in other countries. In the meantime don’t forget to use Showroom Shine to keep that number plate, windows and reflective panels clean and clear!

Have we left any out? Share them with us.

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