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Rain Repeller – How does it work?

Rain Repeller is designed to increase your visibility in difficult driving conditions. It acts as an invisible protective coating for your windscreens and windows, and prevents water, dirt, and grime from sticking to the surface. Instead, when it rains, the water droplets bead together and run off the glass and mirrors.

Rain Repeller beading off

• Half the windscreen treated with Rain Repeller showing how the water beads together

How does the formula work?

Rain Repeller has two main components: an active and a carrier.

The most important bit is the active. In this product it is a durable and invisible coating, which needs to be applied to a dry windscreen and left to cure under ambient conditions. Amongst its other attributes, it imparts water repellency and friction reduction to the surface. The active ingredient chemically bonds to the surfaces its applied to for the full benefits and longer lasting protection of your windows against dirt.

The carrier is there to get the active to where it needs to be to do its job. It allows the active to be spread around further than it would on its own and can cover the whole surface much more easily. Like most formulations a single active carrier (mixed with water) forms the bulk of the formulation. To fulfil the job it was designed for, the carrier is clear, and has low volatility. The key to using an ingredient like this in Rain Repeller is that it flashes off quickly following application, leaving the active behind to work on the surface.

Rain Repeller and sponge

• Rain Repeller is supplied with a small sponge for easy application

We make sure our products work using rigorous testing and tweaking to ensure they give a professional finish. Following testing, we were able to demonstrate that following treatment with Rain Repeller, friction was significantly reduced on a glass surface. We have quantifiable data to prove that wiping and cleaning is made easier after using Rain Repeller, which is great news for our windscreen wipers! It can also increase scratch resistance on glass between five and ten times.

Rain Repeller Application

• Use the sponge to evenly apply Rain Repeller to your windscreen

This makes Rain Repeller an excellent and versatile product; ideal if you’re a frequent motorway driver, and it can be used to protect glass and mirror surfaces in your home and keep them cleaner for longer. 

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