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Greased Lightning

Behind the scenes – Greased Lightning photography

In today’s blog we’re going to hear from Maddie, our Social Media Manager, our beautiful imagery is a result of her hard work making our products look as good as possible.


“You might not expect it, but first thing I have to do each day is check the weather. A lot of our product shots with vehicles are taken outside, meaning every day I have my fingers crossed for dry weather and at least some light to work with. This will indicate the limitations I may have that day.

If we’re good to go, I’ll line up the product shots we’re looking for, and plan what is needed. If I’m shooting a car clean in action then I must pack up enough products to use on the car and for the photography. My car’s always packed with bottles and microfibre cloths, ready for all eventualities!

I’ll plan any half and half pictures or video clips that are needed first and get to work on cleaning the car. I’m so grateful that our products are so easy to use; and with such quick results too! Then, providing the light is just right, I can capture the classic GL shine for my final shot.

Greased Lightning Photography

• A selection of images taken by Maddie and used across the Greased Lightning brand.

Covid-19 restrictions have made the process a little more tricky as I am limited in the number of people I can have at a shoot, both in front of- and behind the camera. This has meant that I’ve had to rely more on timers more than I usually would, as well as controlling some of my equipment remotely, through my phone. It’s certainly been a learning curve.

Once I’ve completed the shoot, or if the weather isn’t in our favour that day, I’ll return to our base. Here I’ll focus on editing any imagery or video captured, adding any music and making sure everything we produce fits the aesthetic we’re after at GL and is ‘on-brand’. Consistency is important for us.

This visual content is then used across our range of GL platforms; my work will feature on our website, promotional activities, emails and social media channels. Like most businesses with social channels we have a plan and a scheduling tool. It’s my job to make sure the written and visual content on our posts work together and that they get posted at the right time (as per our plan). For example, we scheduled some highlights of Bug Buster to go live at the start of spring just when flies on the windscreen can become more of an issue. I’m the person to plan action and keep on top of all things social – including responding to any messages or comments you might send us”.

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