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The science behind – Brilliant Black Tyre & Trim Restorer

For that fresh tyre look we use Brilliant Black, a tyre dressing that is specially developed to make tyres and trims look new.

A tyre shine is often the final finishing touch when cleaning the car:

✓ The bodywork
✓ The glass
✓ The wheels

Using Brilliant Black brings out the “blackness” of the tyres to complement the rest of the now clean car.

There are many tyre shines on the market and choosing one is usually a trade-off between a glossy finish and the longevity of the product. Brilliant Black strikes a balance between the two by delivering a high-class shine rather than a gloss and being relatively long lasting (dependent on driving conditions).

How does it work?

Brilliant Black works with a triple action.

    1. It cleans the tyre by removing small debris particles that gather overtime
    2. The formula enters the surface cracks that are present in every tyre, even the ones we cannot see with the naked eye, and reduces their effect
    3. A coating is laid down to give a smooth finish

You can see the benefits of using Brilliant Black when water and dirt bead off the tyres as the coating is keeping them cleaner for longer.

Tyre cleaned with Brilliant Black

3 Top Tips:

1. Make sure the tyres have been properly cleaned before application:

Applying tyre shine over old tire shine can produce a browning colour on your tyres.

2. Tyre shine isn't bad for your tyres:

You may hear tyre shine isn't good for your tyres and it can cause dry rot or cracking. That's not the case. Cases of dry rot and cracking are often more common for tyres that have been sitting in the sun all day, every day.

3. Have a quality tyre shine applicator on hand:

A Greased Lightning tyre sponge will make using the product that much easier Higher-quality products typically last longer: While we try and cover everyone's budget, the costlier products are worth the money.

Have you tried Brilliant Black?


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