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The science behind Stain Shifter

Looking to keep your vehicle interior clean & fresh with minimal effort? Stain Shifter has got your back; our powerful vehicle fabric cleaner is perfect for mucky moments and hard to shift stains. It’s multipurpose too – so if you need to use it around the home then you can!

Roof headliner

• Easy to keep seats, carpets, mats, headliners and headrests clean and fresh.

How does it work?

Stain Shifter is a blend of mild solvents, surfactants and water. Just like many of our other products. The water and the solvents work to dissolve the solid elements of any spill or stain. Once dissolved they can easily be lifted by a soft microfibre cloth.

The surfactants in Stain Shifter work to attract the contaminant away from the surface of the upholstery. A surfactant molecule looks like this:

Surfactant Molecule

The grease-loving tail sticks to the grime in the stain, and the water-loving head of the molecule stays firmly in the water of the product. This means that dirt can be easily lifted away from the surface as the surfactant is wiped up using a microfibre cloth, pulling the grime away and trapping it inside the fibres.

Oil, grease, dirt, food or drink spills, the mechanism is the same for all types of spillages.

Seat spray and wipe

• Easy to use and hassle free.

How to use?

Simply spray directly onto the stain you wish to remove.

Leave to soak in briefly, before wiping away with a microfibre cloth and blotting away any excess moisture.

Where to use?

Stain Shifter is designed for the fabrics in your car, including:

  • Car seats
  • Carpets
  • Mats
  • Headrests

Multi-purpose: Stain Shifter can also be used on household fabrics, especially as it’s safe to use on wool. (A patch test is recommended) 

Stain Shifter

Interested in giving Stain Shifter a try? Have stains that need shifting or are just looking to keep something in the garage just in case? 


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