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Rain Repeller Windscreen Protector


Rain Repeller Windscreen Protector

Rain Repeller Windscreen Protector


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Rain Repeller is an invisible protective coating for windscreens and windows to prevent water, dirt and grime from sticking. When it rains, water beads together and runs off glass and mirrors increasing your visibility in driving rain.

Protects windscreens from rain and dirt

  • Prevents water, snow, dirt and grime sticking to your windscreen and windows
  • Improves visibility when driving in the rain
  • Windows stay cleaner for longer
  • For external glass and mirrors

We’d recommend it especially if you do a lot of motorway driving, to keep your windscreen clear.

Can also be used around the home on glass and mirrors, the formulation is not affected by using screen wash or other glass cleaners. Once it is applied it will last a few weeks to months depending on the weather and how often you drive your car.

    The water just rolls away

    It leaves your windscreen clearer for longer. When you apply Rain Repeller to a clean, dry windscreen it leaves a protective coating so the next time it rains, raindrops bead together and rolls straight off.

    Helps with visibility in bad weather and also keep windows cleaner for longer.

    Really impressed with Rain Repeller, my windscreen is so much clearer when driving on the motorway. The rain doesn’t settle and my windows are not as dirty which is a great result!
    Fabiana Riveros

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