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Why Showroom Shine is the eco-conscious way to wash your car

Most experts recommend washing your car every two weeks as a way of protecting it from the salt and dirt that can corrode the metal of your vehicle.

Some people love doing this every week or so whilst others think it’s a chore which takes far too long and often gets pushed down the ‘to do’ list. When we do wash our cars however, it is estimated that most of us will use between 300 – 400 litres when washing a car in our driveway. Over a year that really adds up – are you on a water meter?

It is potentially 10,400 litres a year on car washing alone. In context, that is approximately 120 luxurious showers lasting 20 minutes each.

We’re all aware we need to be doing our bit to save water, but we also want to elongate the life of our cars and keep them looking smart. Showroom Shine is an amazing waterless car wash and wax – all in one which. Not only does it help you achieve a gleaming finish on your vehicle it reduces the amount of water your household is using – and probably paying for.

All you need is Showroom Shine and two microfibre cloths, no water necessary. Simply shake the bottle and spray directly onto the area for cleaning. Our special formula surrounds the dirt, lifting it away from the surface. The first microfibre cloth traps the dirt and removes it as you wipe. Use the second microfibre cloth to buff Showroom Shine, activating the wax particles. With minimal effort and a short amount of time, this leaves your car with a deep shine, and a protective layer that makes cleaning easier next time and keeps your vehicle exterior from corrosion and rust.


Buy your showroom shine here and give your car the sparkle it deserves.

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