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Keeping vehicle interiors safe for driving and travel

Every aspect of our lives is currently being scrutinised in terms of hygiene, cleanliness, and the possibility of the spread of infections. The transport industry is no exception.

Car dealerships have reported a rise in demand when the previous coronavirus restrictions began to lift. We were previously advised against the use of public transport, and it seems many of us consequently have felt safer in our own space. This has led to more people taking the plunge to purchase a vehicle. However, how do you keep a small and enclosed space disinfected, especially when it is often a shared space.

Greased Lightning has developed some specialist auto-disinfection products, with our sister company, Contamination Control Ltd. The director of CCL (and Greased Lightning) has over 30 years of experience in professional contamination control and have used this to develop products to help lower the possibility of infection transmission when sharing a car can’t be avoided.

To help you disinfect the interior of your vehicle quickly and safely we have a CCL Nebuliser available. A nebuliser is a small machine that turns liquid into a mist, by creating micro droplets, which are then dispersed into the air. Many people will have heard of fogging machines, and this is similar, but they are often combined with disinfectant liquids which require you to wear PPE and leave the room when operational. (To find out more about the differences between a fogger and our Nebuliser read here).

When used in combination with our surface disinfectant Hypurazone™ you’re combining a powerful disinfectant with a superior cleaning method, ensuring complete coverage across hard and soft surfaces, in minutes. Hypurazone is 100% more effective than household bleach and is capable of killing 99.9999% of all germs on contact, but is non-toxic, and safe for use without PPE. It can also be used on hard and soft surfaces. This means it is suitable for use all over the vehicle and is not going to ruin leather or fabric interiors.

Nebuliser with Hypurazone Disinfectant

The combination of these two products ensures surface contamination transmission in shared vehicles is significantly reduced and is an ideal solution for taxi services, lorry drivers, car hire fleets, zip cars, school buses and public transport to ensure we minimise the spread of Covid-19 where we can.

Find out more about our Nebuliser and Hypurazone package. 


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