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Stop getting water spots on your car

What are water spots?

Water spots are those pesky white spots on the paint or the glass of your car which can appear after any water contact. This could be from rain, puddles or even washing your car, leaving it looking less than perfect. Any water that has not had the minerals removed from it, can leave these residual marks, as the salts, dirt and minerals are left behind on the surface after the water evaporates off.

What does this mean for your car?

As well as ruining the shine on your car, these apparently harmless spots can also damage the paint. The salts and minerals can be corrosive and create little craters in the paintwork. Over time, these craters can grow, a process known in the car detailing world as ‘etching’. This process is accelerated over the summer months as the sun bakes the spots into the paint, making them harder to remove.

A great way to avoid damage to your car surfaces is to avoid getting the car unintentionally wet in the first place.

Showroom Shine waterless car wash and wax is a practical method of protecting the surface of your car. It removes the need for water during the car cleaning process and is therefore already limiting the potential for residual white spots to form. Our unique formula for Showroom Shine also adds a carnauba wax barrier to the surface of the paint to repel water and for a high shine finish. Water spots are easily removed, your car surfaces are protected from future damage and corrosion, and you’re left with a showroom finish, all in this one product.

For more information on our protective, no streak formula, click here

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