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Car Cleaning Tips & Tricks

For some cleaning the car is a chore, for others it’s a joy. Whichever camp you find yourself in, everyone still wants the process to be simple and for the results to be impressive. Our products, combined with some of these tips and tricks, can help you achieve a top-notch, showroom finish:

Top Tip - Avoid hot days 

Avoid cleaning in extreme heat or direct sunlight. This can make the products dry too quickly on the surface before you’ve had a chance to buff them in properly. 

Tip 2.  Start with the interior

Start with the interior especially if you are using water with any of the exterior products, Its very easy to tread water into your car and or keep coming across water runs around the window area that can easily transmit onto your cloths making it very hard to achieve finish desired.


Tip 3.  Use a multi-purpose interior cleaner 

When cleaning dashboards and instrument panels use a product that is capable of cleaning multiple surfaces so that you do not need to swap between several products. Go for a product that does not leave a glossy or sticky residue finish, we recommend Dash Devil which is silicone and solvent-free, meaning it can be used on many surfaces including sat nav screens. Most importantly, it has a professional matte finish meaning no shiny dashboards or irritating reflections to distract you when driving.

Dash Devil

Tip 4.  Pre-Wash heavy mud deposits

Sometimes it’s a good idea to pre-wash the exterior of your car. Whilst our hero product Showroom Shine is a waterless car wash and wax, we recommend removing any thick layers of mud first. This process will ensure that no grit gets dragged across your paintwork and will pave the way for Showroom Shine to work its magic. We will soon be releasing a new Pre-Wash product to help in this very situation…watch this space.


Tip 5.  Microfibre cloths are essential

Microfibre cloths are an essential part of car cleaning today. They help to ensure a streak free finish. By lifting dirt away from paintwork and trapping it in the fibres of the cloth they help to prevent scratches and product smears from ruining your bodywork. When using Showroom Shine use one for cleaning and a separate one for buffing, this will make sure you get the best shine possible, this will also activate wax particles helping to protect your car.

Microfibre Cloths

Tip 6.  Wheels & tyres can make an impact

Wheels and tyres accumulate a great deal of dust, dirt and grime, so it’s a great place to make a big impact. World-Class Wheels works quickly to lift grime and brake dust from the surface of your wheels, turning the dirt a bright purple colour to highlight where you need to get to work with a soft bristle brush to help loosen the dirt further before rinsing away. Finishing touches? Use Brilliant Black, our specially developed tyre dressing, to help tyres and trims look like new again.


Tip 7.  Clean glass & mirrors last

Clean your glass and mirrors last. This means that they are not then marked with other products used in previous steps. We use Crystal Clear on the interiors and exteriors, using different cloths for cleaning and buffing. Make sure to wind the windows down a little to clean the top of the window.

Crystal Clear

What top tips would you add to the list?

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Jul 11, 2022 • Written by Robert

Move car forwards or backwards approx 12 inches to make sure all of the tyres are completely covered with tyre black.

Jul 11, 2022 • Written by John Pitman

Showroom shine is the BEST product I have ever used no effort at all would definitely recommend this product.10/10.

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