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Greased Lightning

Greased Lightning Value Packs

Some of our best products bundled together to offer you variety, performance and great value. The perfect way to gift our products, try something new, and save money all at the same time.

 Greased Lightning 500ml Valeting Bundle

500ml Valet Care Cleaning Pack 

A selection of our popular products in 500ml bottles

This pack includes:

  • Brilliant Black – a tyre dressing that brings back that ‘brand new’ look to your exteriors
  • Stain Shifter – a powerful spot cleaner to revive the fabrics in your car
  • Crystal Clear – a smear free finish window and mirror cleaner
  • One Minute Wheels – a quick and hassle-free wheel cleaner than easily removes built up grime and dust



Greased Lightning Cleaning Bundle

Valet Car Care Cleaning Pack

You might notice this bundle is very similar to the pack described above, but there’s one key difference. We’ve included a 1Ltr bottle of our best-selling product Showroom Shine.

Showroom Shine is a waterless wash and wax, and helps you clean your car to a high shine finish in minutes.

This pack includes:

  • 1Ltr Showroom Shine
  • 500ml Brilliant Black
  • 500ml Stain Shifter
  • 500ml Crystal Clear
  • 500ml One Minute Wheels

This bundle is perfect for those looking to fully refresh the look of their vehicle, and save money whilst doing so.



Greased Lightning Wheel Bundle

Wheel Tyre & Trim Pack

Do you find cleaning your wheels a chore? This pack contains everything you need to restore them to looking 'like new' quickly and easily.

This pack includes:

  • 1Ltr Brilliant Black – an easy to apply dressing for tyres and trim
  • 1Ltr One Minute Wheels – a powerful wheel cleaner that easily removes grime and brake dust from intricate wheel designs. No elbow grease needed!
  • 1 Wheel brush – it’s soft bristles are perfect to use with the One Minute Wheels product to remove dust and dirt from your wheels
  • 2 Curved tyre application sponges – to apply Brilliant Black

Enjoy stunning tyres and trims with our easy to use Wheel & Trim Pack. Eye-catching wheels and alloys are the key to making your car stand out. No need to spend endless hours achieving this look when you have this pack.



Greased Lightning  Exterior Valeting Bundle

Exterior Valeting Car Care Pack

This pack contains everything you need to keep your car exterior looking sparkling and new:

This pack includes:

  • 1Ltr Showroom Shine – for the bodywork, windows and mirrors
  • 500ml One Minute Wheels – to give the wheels a proper clean
  • 500ml Brilliant Black – a dressing to make the tyres look fresh
  • 4 microfibre cloths – essential for our products as the fibres trap the dirt and grime keeping it away from the surface of your vehicle and preventing scratches as you clean



Greased Lightning Interior & Exterior Bundle

Interior & Exterior Car Care Pack

Savings galore with this next pack! Lots of our top selling interior and exterior products, all easy to apply and effortless to use.

This pack includes:

  • 2 bottles of Showroom Shine – a waterless car wash and wax
  • 4 microfibre cloths – the perfect accompaniment to our products, and the best way to activate the wax particles in Showroom Shine
  • 500ml Brilliant Black – easy to swipe over the tyres for an instant refresh
  • 500ml Bug Buster – for tough, dried on dirt that might struggle to budge with just Showroom Shine 500ml Stain Shifter – to revive seats, carpets, mats and other interior fabrics

As one review states “the perfect bundle for car enthusiasts”



Greased Lightning Ultimate Valeting Bundle

Ultimate Car Cleaning Pack

We’ve called it the ultimate for a reason. This is our biggest care pack, and includes all the products and accessories you need to pamper your car, whilst making a substantial saving.

This pack includes:

  • 1Ltr Showroom Shine
  • 1Ltr Brilliant Black
  • 1Ltr Bug Buster
  • 1Ltr Crystal Clear
  • 1Ltr One Minute Wheels
  • Wheel brush
  • Tyre Sponge
  • 4 Microfibre cloths

This pack is for you if you love our products and are now ready to save money on a larger range of our car care products.

Find out how much you can save....


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