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Keeping things ‘Crystal Clear’ - road safety in winter

While many of us pay careful attention to how clean our car is, we often overlook the windows, mirrors and lights.

A smeary windscreen can affect your visibility, you may not see the car in front brake, or notice an overtaking motorbike. And as the days are now shorter, we rely on our lights as much as possible to see and be seen, therefore a layer of grime over them will affect how far you can see and your reaction time as a result.

Visibility is always important when driving, but the combination of poor visibility, darkness and the cold we experience in winter means we need all the help possible to reduce the risks associated with road travel.

Our specialist windscreen cleaner, Crystal Clear comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle or as soft handy wipes infused with the same highly effective cleaning liquid. The spray is great for general cleaning sessions and it’s worth having a packet of wipes in your glove compartment for cleaning your windows, mirrors and lights to ensure you have constant access to the tools you need for sparkling windows – both at home and while you are on the road.

We have also put together some other handy tips for road safety winter:

  • Allow extra time for journeys
  • Check fuel levels before you set off – ensure you have at least a quarter of a tank in case of delays
  • Make sure all your lights are clean and working
  • Drive slowly
  • Increase your following distance behind other vehicles
  • Avoid sudden speed changes
  • Use a lower gear than normal – this increases the amount of traction and keeps the car more stable

What else do you do to prepare yourself and your car for winter journeys? We’d love to know.

See our Crystal Clear products, and full interior range here.

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