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Greased Lightning

Behind the scenes - product manufacturing & fulfilment

Today we’re taking a peek behind the scenes in the warehouse, looking at our manufacturing processes for our Greased Lightning products.

Our Manufacturing and Fulfilment Centre

Product handling

All of the Greased Lightning products are blended, tested, bottled and despatched from our own facility in South Wales. Every bottle and every order are handled by our small, dedicated operations team. For a small team we have a wealth of knowledge, some of them have been with us for over 15 years.


We operate a large variety of equipment at the facility from the usual forklift trucks, pallet trucks, weighing scales and pallet wrappers to the more specialised blending and filling equipment. Some of this specialist equipment is bespoke to us and is designed and built in-house. We design our systems to be as eco-friendly as possible utilising gravity feed systems to reduce our power consumption. All of our machinery is regularly maintained, calibration is undertaken by third party contractors to ensure our measures are spot on every time.

A Cell-based system

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has led us to make some changes in our production systems, moving away from a production line system to a cell-based system where one person can do one job from start to finish. This means that our team can work safely at a minimum of 2m away from each other. We have also implemented a one touch policy whereby only one person ever touches a particular piece of equipment. The safety of our team is of paramount importance to us, so we use our Car Sanitiser product to regularly disinfect all surfaces, in conjunction with the Hand Sanitiser to ensure hands are kept clean.

Quality Management System

All of our processes operate to a Quality Management System, this prescribes the way we manufacture, test, control and record every product we make. All products are batch coded and we can tell from our records when a product was made, what ingredients were used and what quality checks were made against the batch. We also retain a sample of every batch of product made.


We buy our ingredients and components only from carefully vetted suppliers, we monitor the quality of the products they supply, and we constantly talk to them about new ideas.


Finally, we undertake all of our own fulfilment except for those items sold on Amazon Prime. This means that every order is picked and packed by one of our team. We take time to ensure we have the right boxes that can protect your product in transit. We carefully select our Logistics partners to ensure that customers get the right service.

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