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World-Class Wheels


World-Class Wheels
World-Class Wheels World-Class Wheels World-Class Wheels

World-Class Wheels


500ml 1 Litre 1 Litre Plus Wheel Brush

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World-Class Wheels is designed to achieve a high performance deep clean for your wheels and alloys.

Easy to use in a few minutes, World-Class Wheels makes light work of dirty wheels. Watch as you spray on to see how the colour changes when coming into contact with brake dust and grime as it breaks up dirt which easily ‘bleeds’ away.

Watch as the magic begins, and cleans your wheels in a flash

  • A powerful clean to a high gloss finish
  • pH neutral, acid-free & non-caustic wheel cleaner
  • Suitable for use on alloy and steel wheels

Unlike many other wheel cleaners, World-Class Wheels is non-acidic and safe to use on all wheel finishes as well as being safe for you to use too.

    Deep cleaning

    Deep cleaning

    World-Class Wheels starts working straight away, as soon as its sprayed on its solution runs into the crevice’s of the wheel and stand back while it does its job.

    Wheels will look like they are bleeding as the formulation comes into contact with dust particles and will turn purple, start to brush the wheel with a soft brush to help break up any grime and for a deep clean.

    After rinsing or hosing down with clean water, your wheels and alloys will be shiny, clean and ready to go.

    Its magic!

    How World-Class Wheels work

    Wheels ‘bleed’ as dust particles break up

    Brushing helps get into crevice’s to target ground on dirt

    Rinse off with clean water and repeat if dirt is stubborn

    It's magic! Wheels and alloys are shiny like new

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