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Car Wash Showroom Shine

No Car Wash?

Where do you get your car cleaned at the moment?

With the current Covid restrictions, dropping the car off for a valet, or treating it to a wash whilst you’re in town for Christmas shopping is not an option for most people.

Why do we choose the supermarket carwash? Mostly convenience. That’s because most people have a preconceived idea that car cleaning takes ages – perhaps it’s a bit chilly outside – and you’re not looking forward to getting wet in the process.

However, there is an easy solution – which will save you money too. You can keep dry and your car will look amazing. Welcome to Showroom Shine, our highly rated all-round product which cleans and polishes without the need for water - all you need are a couple of microfibre cloths for your car to look better than ever. No water needed.

Here’s why we think using Showroom Shine is better than a car wash:

  • Automatic Car washes can damage and scratch your car – Showroom Shine won’t
  • A little goes a long way, based on our Twin Pack each wash costs just £1.25 on average
  • Quick, Easy and fun to use
  • Cheaper than regular car washes which cost on average £7 a go
  • Achieve a professional shine with minimal effort
  • No soapy smears or water marks
  • No hoses, no buckets and no water needed
  • Future protection – carnauba wax is integrated into our formula, keeping your car looking better for longer

Try Showroom Shine and see the results for yourself. We’d love to know how you get on so please don’t forget to leave us a review and share your photos on social media, tagging us in your posts.

We have over 3500 x 5 star reviews on Trustpilot from our amazing customers.

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Car Wash Showroom Shine
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